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Main » 2011 » June » 4 » Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer: Getting to Know Aviation Crash Injuries Better
Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer: Getting to Know Aviation Crash Injuries Better
4:22 AM

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

Airplane crashes are rare accidents because of the strict and proper maintenance that most airline companies give to their aircraft. From manufacturing until rolling out, the manufacturers give great thought to the construction of airplanes and helicopters, among others. When the aircraft is put into service, they are actively serviced by ground personnel to make sure any bad part is replaced before flight.


Airplane crashes, however, are the most dangerous and lethal. The current decade’s statistics show that only 21 percent of the passengers in an aircraft survive any crash or airline-related accidents. Even though there are only less than 100 crashes since the year 2000, each airplane crash is devastating to both the victims and their families. For those who have been involved in an airplane crash, hiring a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer can help you get all the details and options for your Personal Injury case.


Injuries One Can Sustain from an Airplane Crash

The injuries one can sustain from an airline-related accident are by no means simple. They are bound to cause extreme damages to the victim. With a Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles victims get help in receiving compensation for injuries they may have received in a plane crash or other type of accident injury. These injuries include the following:


Concussion. Even though there are postures that airline passengers are taught to minimize injuries, the possibility of getting a concussion is still high. The impact of the airplane on the ground can send a person head-first into the hull or in the seat in front of him or her.

Spine Injuries. The impact of the airplane crash can also cause spine injuries, as the head is connected to the spine and a strong enough impact can sever the spine from the skull, resulting to death. If the victim survives, it may result to paralysis. By hiring a spinal injury lawyer residents can receive information from a specialist whose expertise is spine injury cases.


Aftermath of an Airplane Crash

Aside from the injuries that one can sustain from the airplane, the aftermath of every airplane crash is a difficult ordeal. When the wounds are healed and the injuries are discerned, everything may start to fall apart for the victims.


First, they are robbed of their ability to take care of themselves, especially those who have been paralyzed due to injuries in the spine. This can lead to extreme emotional distress, as they feel worthless to their families. Most victims can fall into depression, which can be dangerous as they might get suicidal. With the help of an Accident Injury Lawyer Los Angeles accident victims can receive professional help from an attorney who understands their frustration and accident aftermath. Along with airplane injuries, Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles can help with automotive and car accident claims and injuries.


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