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Main » 2011 » July » 29 » Phone call costs dip with SIM only deals
Phone call costs dip with SIM only deals
12:49 PM

Sim Only Contracts SIM Only Contract 

The new kind of deals that these big mobile phone network companies are now offering customers have helped dip down the costs of phone calls and texts tremendously. The differentiating feature between these
SIM only deals and the previous kinds of contracts that you are used to is that these deals come with only the SIM card and not the handset that were always offered with the conventional deals that you are used to. However these new SIM only contracts have nothing to get used to; they are almost too good to be true. With these deals you get to keep whatever handset you have been using or even buy whichever latest mobile phone that you have had your eye on and you can simply get yourself one of these SIM only deals and then use the network on the handset that you want to use.

So because these companies are offering you only the SIM cards, they usually offer you great costs for their packages for call and text charges. For example Vodafone offers SIM only deals of as low as fifteen pounds which is worth three hundred minutes of calls and an unlimited number of texts; as long as these contracts last.

The above statement brings us to the next great feature of these phone SIM only deals. When you use the conventional network deals with your mobile phones, how many times do you wish to switch networks or move on to a better deal; but you simply can’t because your contract lasts for a whole year or more and you know that switching to a new network or rather giving up the current contract would only mean that you would be losing out on a lot of money. However, these new SIM only contracts are great from this angle as well. They offer the services of a SIM only deal for nothing less than a month of contract period. So this means that you can switch over to a new contract if you see new and better ones in the market as soon as within a month if you so desire. So you are not bound to a particular network for too long and actually even if you wish to give up the contract in the middle of your contract within that one month and switch over to a new network you can do so as well because you have not originally spent too much money on the contract; so you would not be wasting too much even if you decide to do so.

Currently the best SIM only deals are quickly picking up pace because of all the benefits that these offer.

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