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Real housewives of Atlanta
2:37 PM

real housewives of atlanta real housewives of beverly hills empower network Work at home mom

I always enjoy it when others share their wisdom with me, so here are my some lessons that I have learned as a real housewives of Atlanta. I have been working at home for years, and jogging a blog for, and in the coursework of this time I have learned a ton of valuable lessons and insight with empower network.

Don't Be Obsessed with the Numbers.
As a blogger and mompreneur I am constantly checking and monitoring my numbers; how lots of Twitter followers do I have? How lots of Facebook Fans do I have? How lots of page views did I get today?!? It can drive you nuts and generate a ton of self doubt, if your stats start to go down. Let it go, focus on generating quality content and cultivating relationships, when you do something that you love the rest will fall in to place.

Watch Who You're Friends With.
Historicallyin the past I worked at establishment where the giant majority of the staff were unhappy and disgruntled, needless to say this negativity rubbed off on me. Hang around positive and inspiring people, the energy that they emit is infectious and when you hang around the right people you will find yourself feeling motivated and empowered. Can't leave your current job? Try joining a business group, women's self renewal group of real housewives of Beverly Hills, this will give you the boost and energy that you require to stay upbeat through the difficult and trying times.

Go Outside Everyday.
Being a work at home mom, there's days that I feel trapped and isolated. When I start feeling this way I do know it's time to get outside. Whether it's sipping some coffee on my deck, playing in the sandbox with my daughter, or going for walk being out in the fresh air always makes me feel refreshed and renewed.

Enjoy the Simple Things in Life.
Keep in mind to cherish the simple things in life; a great way to do this is to keep a laptop and write down the tiny occurrences that make you smirk. of those times for me, was when I went to the New york Conference for Ladies and was speaking to a woman who I had never met before. When he asked me what I did, he said, "I know The Work at Home Woman, I like that site, it made me feel like a million dollars. It's the tiny moments like this that enrich our lives and make us feel special, keep in mind them by writing them down.

Do what you love and surround yourself with the people that you love. Life is way short to spend 40 hours a week in job that you detest, or around people that make your skin crawl.

What lessons have you learned as a Work at home mom, blogger or mompreneur? I look forward to your comments!

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