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Wall Decoration Using Arts and Paintings
12:34 PM

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Renovation is part of the process for most of us before moving into a new home, whether we are renting it or even buying it. This is because each and every one of us prefers different design of the house although the frame of the house design is about the same.

Well, after the basic renovation like tiling, roofing, and piping, the next thing that most of us will decide is color of the wall, or whether we will be putting up wallpaper instead. For countries where the weather is not hot, they can choose either one of those, but for those houses in the countries where the weather is hot like Malaysia, it is always advisable for one to go for paint rather than wallpaper for lower maintenance cost and durability.

After choosing the paint, next is the decoration of the wall. One can put a lot of nice paintings or art like the modern art or contemporary art to decorate the wall to make the home nicer and interesting. Canvas art also can be an interesting choice. It is advisable to use paintings or art as the wall decoration so that if the trend of the art is over, one can easily switch to another art of paintings which is in the trend.

Well, I am actually still on the first phase which is getting the basic renovation done, but I am quite excited to choose wall decoration and other house decoration so that my newly renovated home will be a cozy and a comfortable one.

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